When Donald Trump Talks About the Will of the People, God Laughs

For nearly three years now, at least since Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election, we’ve had to listen to Trump complaining about Democrats trying to subvert the will of the American people. To overturn the election, to undermine the Constitution. It gets repeated so much in the media that it starts to sound reasonable. Even the liberal media repeat it, in their efforts to report on what Trump and his surrogates are saying in the conservative media.

It feels like a lot of reasonable centrists are being convinced by this argument, at least partially. Maybe even some reasonable liberals. Why would we go through this massively divisive impeachment process when America is about to vote again in the fall? Let the people decide whom they want to lead them. We respected the people’s wishes in 2016, and we’ll respect them again in nine months from now.

Out of all of the more than 16,000 lies Trump has told since he was sworn in, this is truly one of the most brazen, and most easily dismissed. We did not respect the will of the people in 2016. In 2016 the people chose Hillary Clinton, by nearly three million votes. President Trump lost the popular vote by more than two percent. If anything, the will of the American people was (and is) for Trump to be anything but the President of the United States.

Whatever the Democrats tried to do with their impeachment inquiry, they were not trying to subvert the will of the voting public. They were trying to honor it. Even if their motives were impure and entirely partisan and political, they were still trying to honor the will of the voters. If they had gotten their way in the impeachment trial, the end result would have been in line with the will of American voters, both now and in 2016. All throughout the impeachment investigation and trial, removal from office was favored by small but dependable margins.

Every day that Trump has remained in office, he has subverted the will of the American people. There has never been a day when a majority of the American people actually wanted him as President. Not a single one. To this day, his approval rating has never been above 50% in a reputable poll.

The very best thing the Democrats can do to subvert the will of American voters is to allow Trump to serve out the rest of his term. If they truly wanted to honor the will of the people, they would impeach him again tomorrow.

May the best argument win. And let us shake hands when it’s done.

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