This is an important comment. I mentioned Bitecofer in an earlier article, and her approach has influenced me a lot. The impact of negative partisanship is still hugely underestimated by most people looking at this year’s election.

Based on what you said, I take back what I said about the Supreme Court. Your scenario is actually more likely, at least at first. But honestly, if conservatives get a 6–3 or 7–2 majority on the Supreme Court, and those conservative justices all plan on serving for 15 to 40 years to come, conservative voters are not going to be satisfied with a situation where abortion is still legal in 2/3 of the country. They’re going to keep pushing to outlaw it entirely, and they won’t want to go through Congress. They’re going to want a Supreme Court decision that says abortion violates an unborn child’s constitutional rights.

Abortion isn’t the only issue that Bernie supporters care about, in any case. They just really won’t want a lopsided conservative majority in the Court, and that’s why I believe they’ll even vote for Bloomberg in the end, if that’s what it takes. Hopefully the worst we can do is Biden, but we’ll see how the primaries go on Tuesday.

May the best argument win. And let us shake hands when it’s done.

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