I’m sympathetic to all those suggestions. I bought a Galaxy S9 and actually loved it. I might have been the only one, based on everything I read about it. But that was a well-made phone and a much better value than the iPhone X, in terms of the quality of the hardware. But the power of an ecosystem is that hardware and features are no longer the only considerations when you buy a piece of gear. The fact that Android has solutions to each of my individual needs taken individually, doesn’t mean it has a good escape path for me out of the Apple ecosystem. None of those solutions help me work with other Apple users as easily as the Apple solutions do, for instance. But I was hoping the biggest takeaway from the article would be the last point I made, about how the new focus on ecosystems is bringing about a major shift in the nature of free market economies. Consumers are losing the biggest source of leverage they had historically, and none of us are really sure how to operate inside capitalism without that leverage.

May the best argument win. And let us shake hands when it’s done.

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