I saw this headline and I was inclined to disagree, but you brought me around. I think we really are that close to a point of no return. If Trump stays in office, we won't have full-blown fascism in January, but we'll also be powerless to stop it from developing within the next four years.

Luckily we're at a point now where Trump has no chance unless he can literally find a way to throw millions of absentee ballots in the trash without getting caught. The courts won't save him. Even the Supreme Court with three Trump justices won't invalidate absentee votes to give him an election that he's clearly lost. If Gorsuch went against Trump on LGBTQ rights, he'll definitely go against him on an attack against the Republic itself. And so will Roberts. Even with a 6-3 majority, conservatives will still have a locked-in minority when it comes to undermining the integrity of our elections.

May the best argument win. And let us shake hands when it’s done.