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Four days before Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election is officially certified by Congress in a ceremonial vote, there are at least 141 elected Republicans in that body who are still refusing to admit that Trump is out.

140 Republicans in the House of Representatives, plus Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, have committed to formally objecting to the election results in a handful of battleground states won by Biden. It won’t make a difference to anything, except to waste about 12 hours of their colleagues’ time in pointless bickering.

In accordance with the Electoral Count Act of 1887, if…

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In the final hours before polls open on Election Day, a preponderance of hard data going back at least to the 2018 midterms is indicating strongly that President Trump is in for an enormous beatdown. Not a historic landslide, but it’s also not going to be close. Long-term polling trends and analysis of early voting patterns suggest that Trump is on a path to lose all the same states he lost in 2016, plus most of the battleground states that are close enough to go either way. …

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Less than a week out from Election Day, after Biden has led Trump consistently all year in nationwide and state-by-state polls, Democrats and Republicans who should know better are still trying to tell us the race is much closer than it looks. Among other things, they’re still clinging to the myth of the shy Trump voter: the idea that polls necessarily underestimate the real support for the President, because a certain percentage of Trump voters in every sample will lie out of embarrassment.

This is not happening. In all likelihood it didn’t happen in 2016 either. For one thing, the…

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On the night of Thursday, October 1st, 2020, Americans across the country went to bed in the ordinary world — the one exhibiting the barely tolerable levels of insanity to which we’ve all grown accustomed in the past four years.

On the morning of Friday, October 2nd, they woke up to the world where President Trump has COVID-19.

Not entirely by coincidence, October 2nd also turned out to be National Hot Take Day. And the hottest of all the hot takes on the left was that Trump had made the whole thing up. Clearly not content to let the QAnon…

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In 2020, the country that likes to think of itself as the greatest democracy in human history is led by a President who lost the popular vote. In the Senate, Republicans control 53% of the votes but they represent 48% of the population. This President who was rejected by a significant majority of Americans has now personally chosen more than a quarter of all the judges in all the federal courts in the country. …

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We all knew it was coming. We didn’t know what or how, but there had to be something.

In America, we know the type. The most outspoken, judgmental, moralistic leaders in the evangelical movement always seem to be the ones with the most embarrassing sexual secrets. Jimmy Swaggart. Paul Crouch. Ted Haggard. Tony Alamo. And now, Jerry Falwell Jr., the kingmaker. Falwell gave Trump the evangelical vote in 2016. His early endorsement made it acceptable — even right and good — for Bible believers to support a man who didn’t even know how to say the names of its books.

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On the same day that the World Health Organization warned that America could become the next epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump suggested we should all get ready to go back to work in less than three weeks from now. Said he wanted “packed churches” on Easter Sunday, even.

Who knows whether it will happen. He changes his mind a lot. And governors could keep statewide lockdowns in place either way. Or people might keep staying home on their own. But if it does happen, a great many avoidable deaths will follow.

When the President made his announcement, the…

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With more than 100 million Americans under lockdown, and the number of confirmed coronavirus cases nationwide rocketing from 4,000 to more than 40,000 in a single week, it’s beginning to be a moment-by-moment struggle not to give in to fear. We haven’t had any good news yet; the news we’ve had keeps getting worse every morning. We still don’t have enough testing capacity; we’re still more than a year away from a vaccine; our doctors and nurses are running out of masks and gloves. …

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Maybe with the exception of Apple, I have a stronger love-hate relationship with Costco than any other American business. Nobody else has their incredible deals on so many different brand-name products — but most places don’t charge an admission fee to go shopping, either. Nobody else beats them for gas prices — but nobody makes you wait in line for 20 minutes to fill up. Nobody has a store brand selling so many different kinds of top-quality products at such generic-label prices — but nobody makes single people buy 96 ounces of mayonnaise to get the deal. Nobody else has…

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As the coronavirus frenzy reaches a fever pitch, there have been plenty of hot takes about Trump’s mismanagement, and how it’s sinking his chances of reelection. His approval numbers related to the epidemic are plummeting faster than the stock market. [Update: One poll did show his numbers going up significantly, during the week of March 16–20.] This is now becoming a true black swan event for Trump, worse even than Katrina was for George W. Bush. …

Adam Powell

May the best argument win. And let us shake hands when it’s done.

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